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Our Choice To Advertise The Team Builder Forum.

If anybody has been keeping track of our progress we have increased some google traffic to our Team Build. Many people are using this wonderful technique, of which, is no big secret. But, it has increased our traffic ten fold and can be used with any web page. Everybody knows it and I am learning more and more everyday from my co-workers. They have taught me so much. With them I feel very much at home with marketing online and learning all their business’.

The forum could not have gotten as far as it has without the hard, Yes HARD, work they have invested into advertising the forum. And what I have found out is it is much easier with 2 heads than one to create an online business. Also, everything goes much faster. Think about it. One person can create many blogs and posts on various forums, safelists, and blogs. But, no where near the amount that all these wonderful members have done in less than 3 months. All the credit, ideas, and wonderful advertising resources along with support go to them.

I have found that just about all online business’ are worth looking into. Most all of them will make money if you have a few critical tools. All of these tools are free and will get picked up in google in no time at all. Just try it for yourself if you do not believe it!

Diana Caraway taught me even though, “she is a newbie” as she says, the best site to generate free traffic to any site you wish. A wonderful area and unlike any traffic exchange you would ever think of. This site is called Link Referral. When I have searched google for our forum. I have noticed that this traffic exchange picks up on google! Their forum and also the reviews you receive from other Link Referral members show up on google.

What happens at Link Referral when you sign up. Is you do have the option to upgrade or stay a free member. I stayed as a free member. But, I can see the profit that could be accrued here. Already I have referred 5 people as a free member. When I thought about being an upgraded member I read back over the affiliate page. I thought those 5 referrals were lost to me. And they were not at all.

As their thought goes their business is worth it. Their advertising and referrals you will get is above anything else you have seen on the net. They allow you to test drive all their features and acquire your referrals as a free member. When you decide to upgrade after you have seen the google compatible system. Reaped the rewards and want to make commission and spread the word. they will give you 2 dollars per referral you made as a free member.

There is a little penalty but it is fair. You receive 2 dollars per referral you made free. But, now that you have upgraded. They will give you $7.50 per referral as an upgraded member now. Now that is a pretty fair deal if I say. A win win situation that I am willing to give something ago for free and utilize all the great benefits of the program first before I decide to upgrade. They believe strongly in the product and service provided.

And so do I! Just give it a try and see if it is right for you. I even post my Weblog on there. There are many reasons why. You will find out when you get there. Join Now!

Team Builder Forum

Things are coming together!

Well, we started on another project at the Team Builder. We now have a Get Response campaign. I know many people say “Why have an emailing campaign for a forum?”.

Well, we are not just a forum but also have a business that we build upon. It is Fortune 5 Minutes. But, the concept of this forum is we start with one build and move to the next business to build upon. We have many people suggesting many different business’. So as we build the first build, and move onto the next build, we need a little extra added help to get more people to join the builds as we move on to the others and our members concentrate on those. And this is just a way of helping that along.

Using the Get Response Emailing campaign system is pretty easy to use. I have not used the system to it’s full capability. But, they have many tutorials to help you along. Also, being new to the autoresponders, the customer support team at GetResponse is incredibly helpful getting me up and running fast. GetResponse is easy and it works.

I use a separate autoresponder for each product I sell. I can follow up with emails customized to that product. The autoresponders obtain referrals, get testimonials, prevent chargebacks, increase customer satisfaction and cross sell other products. The best part is, you can broadcast an email to a customer list by clicking a button. I can’t imagine running my business without Get Response.

…” read more

But if you are an aspiring Internet Marketer, the thing that you will want to use an Autoresponder for is to create follow-up email campaigns. This is where you can set up and opt-in list form and then send as many emails as you like at pre-configured intervals – automatically.

However, if you want the bells and whistles of follow-up email campaigns, anti-spam filters, click-through tracking and template hosting, then you’re going to have to get your wallet out and pay for it. Fortunately Get Response is not that expensive once you realize it’s capacity for increasing your profits.

And with Get Response our forum has really taken off and gotten some recognition from some serious prospects. I am pretty happy with Get Response and helping me building our business.

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I tried something a little different.

I was thinking the other day and tried to figure out the best way I could get exposure to the forum through Google analytics. But, the funny thing I never thought of in the 6 weeks of forum moderating was…I already was part of Squidoo. All I had to do was create a lens!

So, I went ahead a compiled works of literature from the forum that members have written. The best way, in my opinion, is to allow people to read about what the people think about the forum first before they actually check out the forum itself! Nice thought, right? Yes, it was and it went over wonderfully!

All the members fell in love with it. As a matter of fact they are all creating lens of their own! Talking about the Team Builder Forum or their business on their own. Of which, I am lens rolling, Digg, Delicious, Stumble, and Favorite on the Team Build Lens. Sometimes even blinklist it!

It is my hope to create a lens that people can view like a portal for the forum. See the other members and get to know them just as well before they enter the forum. It is always great to be able to relate to the members of a forum before you have joined. And the existing members love the fact that new comers would meet them first.

I have no idea if it will be successful but I am hoping! And the fact that you try is a good thing. So, wish me good luck! And I will keep you up to date as to what is happening! I am just so excited that the members of this forum are going to get more exposure than just a regular forum could give them.

Check out the Team Build Lens!

Check out my lens

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So I have been moderating a forum…

Well, I thought this was going to be fun…

And I was right! This i s the best time I have been having. This forum is with the Team Build concept. Except most team builds are with one specific company. This one is with as many as we can do and are suggested. This is how it works…

We pick a business. And let’s say that pick is Candy INC. Candy INC. gets picked we do not look at the participants of the thread or the owner of that threads business to build from.

We look at the first build. Basically the whole forum and whether or not they particpated in the first build. See if anybody is in Candy INC. from the first build. Then, use the participents in the first builds, their referral link for Candy INC. Those links we built upon from the forum members wanting to sign up to the new build.

This still would help the downline of theirs. But, a new sign up would be placed under them (all the owners links that had participated in prior build). They would have to move the new sign up to their downline if needed.

So, for 25 dollars to join the current build opens up potential for anyone involved in Candy INC. to join the first build. Members in the forum would join right under you. Advertisement out the ying yang from all members involved. And you would establish a networking trust for many years to come.

And in that sense… 25 dollars goes a long way. Especially since you get it back for the 100 dollar payout and reinvestment to do it again (from the ongoing build we have right now). It would also be residual income on top of that. All of us are working hard to get as many people as we can to join the forum everyday.

Imagine if all 176 members of this forum did enter into this first build. And everyone after that who joins. Imagine how many people you would have to depend upon to fulfill your dreams and theirs. This is what the forum is about. To depend on one another by helping us in our business’. And, yes, if a business suggested checked out after careful consideration and is not harmful to our members. All could be accepted with the greatest of ease with all members having multitudes of income.

Many people would say, “In an ideal world that could happen”. That is just the thing. Here it can happen. Every member in this forum can use this corner of the net to depend on each and every one of us to make “It an ideal world”. It is just your choice. And only your choice to join the first build.

Check out the forum..


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